Saturday, 17 October 2015

Cool Toned Makeup

Hello lovely people!

So now it's my favourite time of year and all the rich dark colours are aloud to come out to play!!  

Recently I've been obsessed with grey tones and deep browns. I hope you enjoy my take on 'cool toned makeup'

If you have any suggestions for future videos or posts then please let me know :)

                                                                   Ezzie xox

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.

Hey Guys,
I've been searching for a liquid lipstick available in the UK for ages now. I really want to try the Anastasia ones but with shipping and export fee's it's just not worth it.
So I was browsing the Marks & Spencer's website and I noticed they sold Stila. They have a selection of 10 shades and the colour I most wanted to try 'Patina' was sold out so I wanted the next best thing which in my opinion was Bellissima. However, I wanted to see them in store first to swatch them as I know most lip products aren't always how they look online or in the tube.
I'm so glad that I did because there are certain shades that I thought I would like and actually didn't.
Patina was sold out in store too so I picked up Bellissima. The colour is like a pinky coral. If I wear this with a lip liner its not as 'In your face!' as I don't really like coral on me.
The consistency is so so creamy and it's really easy to apply. It dries pretty quickly so you have to work quite fast and the finish is matte.
If you don't like really dry matte textures I wouldn't recommend this product at all!
They come in at £15.00 each which is quite pricey but if you're looking for a matte liquid lipstick then I think these are pretty nice. I definitely want to pick up some more colours!
I would say they last a good 5/6 hours and they stay on after eating and drinking. You may need to retouch a tiny bit but they have good staying power.
Do you know of any liquid lipsticks I can try out?
Ezzie xox


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What's In My Bag?

Hi my lovely's!

So last week my brother and I went shopping in Cardiff and he let me pick my Birthday present... Baring in mind that my birthday isn't until June 29th!

I knew I wanted a new bag, and I really wanted a nude or an orange one so I was on a mission to find one.

I saw this beautiful Fiorelli bag in orange in Debenhams and I fell in love, but I wasn't 100% sure. So we went to John Lewis as they tend to have more choice. When we were there I came across the nude version and I couldn't choose! They're both just so gorgeous that I may go back and get the orange one! ;-)

This bag was £65 but they had 20% off so it was around £52. I know that it's on sale now at John Lewis, so if you do like it you should check it out.

If you wanted to see what was in my bag then watch the video below. Enjoy!

Ezzie xox

Sunday, 7 June 2015

My First Youtube Video!

Hey my lovely's!
So today I posted my first makeup tutorial! I'm very nervous so just bare that in mind!
If you have any suggestions of videos that you'd like me to do then please let me know!

Ezzie xox

Monday, 18 May 2015

Mac Wash And Dry Collection.

Hello Friends,

So last week I was scrolling through my email's and I received one from Mac about their new collection, The Wash and Dry collection. Naturally I clicked on the link to have a nosey and see if I could get my hands on any piece of this gorgeous collection, as well as spending money I don't have on more makeup!

I fell in love instantly and I knew I had to get something. Online Crème d'nude was sold out, so I phoned up Debenhams and asked if they had any and they did!  I was so excited that I rushed over there immediately. I much prefer seeing the collection in person and swatching everything, instead of buying online just for the sake of it and then it arriving and being a major disappointment. (Something I frequently find when shopping online at Mac).

I didn't like any of the blushers and the highlighter just didn't seem that great so I decided to pick up one of the Studio Sculpt Defining bronzers in the shade Golden Rinse. This bronzer is very sheer and has a slight glow to it. I've really been loving Sheer bronzers with a subtle glow lately, especially with a tan.

Then obviously I picked up Crème d'nude as it is the most wearable out of all of the shades but I really wanted Morange too but I will probably just pick that up in the original packaging. All of the lipsticks are sold out online now, but if you did want the collection then you should try your local Mac Store.

Did you manage to get your hands on this collection?
Ezzie xox

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Warm Brown Eye Look.

Hello friends,
Today I'm going to try and write something a little different. So lately I've been so, so obsessed with really warm eyeshadow shades like burnt oranges, warm browns, rich coppers and deep reds. I really love the way they all blend together and as I have dark brown eyes I find that these are the shades that are the most flattering for my colouring.

To create this look I started by priming my eyes with my Mac paint pot in the shade Bare Study. This shade was limited edition so I don't think it's available now, but it's a tiny bit darker than Painterly. Next I used Makeup Geek's Peach Smoothie as my transition shade, I then built the colour up in my crease with Mac's Saddle. For my lid colour I placed Mac's Amber Lights all over my eye lid and blended a tiny bit of it into the crease. To deepen the look up I then put MUG Cocoa Bear, in the outer corner of my eye. For my highlight and inner corner I used Venus by Urban Decay from my Naked Basic's palette. Under my eyes I went in with Saddle and Cocoa Bear just to tie it all in together.
To line my eyes I used the Collection 2000 felt tip liner in black. Lashes I used a sample of a Dolce and Gabbana's Passion Eyes mascara. (Really bomb mascara!) Then I placed some natural falsies on top. I lined my water line with my YSL Crayon Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner.
I hope you enjoyed reading this. I really love this look and if you want me to try out any other looks then please let me know :-) 
Ezzie xox

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Lime Crime Coquette.

Hello friends, 

At the beginning of March I decided to try out the brand Lime Crime. I'd heard so many good things about their lipsticks from other bloggers so I thought I'd give one a try! I got the lipstick in the shade Coquette. It's one of there more wearable shades of the range! 
They are a bit cheaper than Mac at around £12.50 (still not cheap) and the packaging is really bomb! ;-)
Lime Crime prides themselves on the premise that their products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. They have a wild variety of shades from bright yellow to black lip shades! They also do other makeup products like eyeshadow and pigments.

I'm not the type of person that can pull off wacky shades so i do tend to stick to my comfort zones when it comes to lips! (Nude, nude, nude
Even a red can look too OUT there on me sometimes! 

In the tube it appears quite orange but on the lips its more of a muted coraly nude and it's gorgeous!! The formula is very thick and opaque, definitely a matte/satin finish and can look quite drying if you've got dry lips so exfoliating is key!

I really love this lipstick and I'm so glad I bought it! I can't wait to collect more of them! 
I bought it from a website called Love makeup and this guy was hard to get hold of! 

What shade should I try next? 

Ezzie xox

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit.

Hello my lovely's! 

In December I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit from Beautybay. It was on my Christmas list but my mum couldn't get it so I bought it when it came back in stock.

I'd heard so many good things in the beauty community about this palette that I was dying to try it out for myself! 

It was really hard to get my hands on living in the UK and there are only two sites that I know of that sell it currently. Beautybay and Cult.

The palette comes in two different tones Light/Medium or Medium/dark. I got the lightest shade as I'm as pale as a ghost!
The bronzers are all extremely pigmented and are great to create a strong contour. This palette would definitely be great for freelance makeup artists or just contour junkies!
The shade Sand is the only shimmer out of the 6 powders which I use on my cheek bones, centre of my nose and my cupids bow. I use a mixture of Banana and Vanilla under my eyes to set my concealer.

For my Contour I use Fawn to carve out my cheek bones and I use Havana to warm up my face and temples. I haven't used Java yet, it's more red toned and I'm not sure if it suits my complexion... maybe with a tan!
It is pricey at £39 but each powder is of great quality. If you were after a cheaper alternative then I highly recommend the Sleek contour kit. I was obsessed with that for years. It's brilliant quality and is under £10!
Ezzie xox

Monday, 16 February 2015

MAC Rose Pigment!

Hey Guys,

So about a while ago I bought my first pigment from MAC and I chose the Rose pigment.

I absolutely adore this pigment. It's so gorgeous. I love the way the light catches it and It looks red, pink and gold. 

You may think that MAC pigments are quite pricey and at £18 you'd be right! But it's not something you would use everyday and if you did, you only need a tiny amount each time so actually I think it's worth the price tag. 

You can use it dry or with a fixing spray to create different textures and uses for it. You could use it as a winged liner or just a pop of colour on the lid. 

I can't wait to get more and I also want to try other brands so list your favourites down below so I can check them out!

Ezzie xox

Sunday, 15 February 2015

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Hello my lovely's!

I'm trying to improve my blog, so any tips and ideas let me know!
I'm on blog lovin too so go follow me! ;-)

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day my lovely's!

I hope you all have a wonderful day whether your single or in a relationship!

I got the chance to pick my present this year! As much as I love surprises I also enjoy picking something that I wouldn't really buy for myself!

I've wanted to try YSL for a while and I always catch myself staring at the Rouge Volupte lipsticks because the packaging is just bomb! 

They're just so luxurious and you can tell it's brilliant quality just by holding one! So I thought why the hell not!? 

I got it in the shade 1 Nude Beige, which is a nice natural pinky nude. I didn't want to get something too out of my comfort zone and never use it, so I went for this one. I'm so excited to use it but I also just want to stare at it for eternity! 

I've longed after the YSL black opium for so long now but just never thought about getting it. So when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted I knew I had this in my mind. I love the smell! It's like a rich vanilla scent. I find it very alluring and the black and blue glittered bottle is elegant and sultry! ;-)

This also came in a gift set with a YSL makeup bag, a mini sample of a YSL eye liner and a mini mascara sample. I'm excited to try them out too so I can see if this brand is worth investing in! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you were all spoilt rotten or spoiled yourselves! 

Ezzie xox 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Urban Decay, Naked On The Run.

Hey guys,
So for Christmas I asked for the Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette off my mum and step dad. I have an issue when it comes to new or limited edition things that come out. If I see someone with it I NEED it! Or so I like to tell myself!
The packaging I have a love hate relationship with. It's rose gold plastic with what I think looks like camouflage print? In some lights it looks green and I don't like that. But I love it when it looks pink and red! 
The mirror is huge as are most urban decay mirrors. Think Vice palette but smaller! The price is £37 like most of their palettes.

The reason I wanted to get the palette was because it came with the urban decay Perversion mascara, (which I haven't tried yet as I have too many open!) A 24/7 glide on eyeliner pencil in Stag, which is a basic dark brown shade. Its very creamy. So far I like it.
And then it comes with a Naked lip gloss in the shade Sesso? Strange name... but it's a very natural browny pink shade. It has fine gold glitter in and it kind of look like your natural lip colour when on. I've worn it twice and it kind of stung my lips in a plumping way so I'm not sure if I love it yet!
So this palette claims that it has 'Six never before seen shades of eye shadow'. I always like getting Urban Decay palettes that have different eye shadows in them, as it gets a bit repetitive otherwise.

The "sixth" eye shadow is also the highlight so it's bigger than the rest but I don't really count it as an eye shadow as its next to the blusher and bronzer in the palette. I actually thought that was a bit of a piss take to try and claim it to be the "sixth" 'never before seen shade of eye shadow'... but never mind. So For arguments sake lets say that there are only 5 eye shadows! There are 2 Matte shades and 3 Metallic.

The shades are Dive- A metallic rose gold shimmer (My Fave), Fix- soft matte brown/taupe, Resist- A metallic taupe shimmer, Dare - A medium brown matte and Stun - A bronze gold shimmer (2nd Fave).  They're all extremely buttery soft and all blend well with great pigmentation.
Next in the palette there is a Bronzer which is a decent size and a very light shade. It definitely gives a more natural glow than a hard contour!
The blush on the other hand is extremely pigmented and its almost like a very Barbie pink. I find it to be quite chalky and I didn't think it blended well but that was just my first impression.
I found that the highlight shade 5050, didn't have much colour pay off at all.  I couldn't really tell if I'd put any on.. So that was a bit of a flop!
 So basically this palette has things I essentially hate and love, so it's really hit and miss. I'm obviously glad I have it as a makeup hoarder! But I'm not sure I'd buy it, if it wasn't a present!
If you did want to buy it then here is the link! Naked On The Run.
Any ideas for things you'd like me to do then comment below.
Hope you enjoyed!
Ezzie xox