Monday, 30 June 2014

Birchbox UK beauty box subscription!

Hey guys,

So for a while now I've been wanting to try out a beauty subscription box but there is always just too many to choose from and then there's so many that get so much negativity!
So i wanted to make sure i was getting the right one for me and the right one to justify spending my dough on!

It was between Glossy box and Birchbox UK... And Birchbox won hands down! Glossy box always seemed like it used to be great but now it just seems like it's a lot of foil packets and perfume samples!

I wanted something that i could actually try out and see if i liked the products before buying the full sized items so Birchbox seemed like the best option. I have to say that the UK version seems to be on top of the US and i hope it doesn't slide down hill because so far i have not been disappointed.

So if you didn't know Birchbox is a beauty subscription box for £10 a month plus £2.95 p&p. You get between 4 and 5 deluxe samples a month and you sometimes get an extra.

So in April's box i got a cheek and lip cream from The Balm Cosmetics in the shade 'How Bout Them Apples?' It retails for £26 for the whole palette.

I then got the skin saviour waterless beauty balm from One Love Organics and this stuff smells like orange zest! I love it. Its really good as a moisturiser and cleanser however a full size is £30! So I'm unsure if i love it enough yet!

Then I got a full size i think Nail polish from Color Club. I don't like the colour of this because greeny, metallic blues don't really suit my nails. But it is £15 for a set of 4.

I got a protect and de tangle from Beauty protector and I've used this a lot when i decided to go ombre and the smell is so nice! I definitely enjoyed using that and a full size is £15 so i might re purchase that!

Then the reason i signed up was to see if i would get the Laura Mercier souffle body creme. This smells incredible! It's Shea butter and honey i think and it just smells so sweet and gorgeous. It's a really thick, rich and luxurious creme so you know you'll get what you pay for at £27!

Then my lifestyle extra was the propercorn in sweet & salty and it tastes amazing! I have a new addiction to this popcorn!

So after April i was really happy and couldn't wait for May!

May's box was really funky! Birchbox had teamed up with Harper's Bazaar and the box for May was epic!
Firstly i got a sample of Benefit's They're real mascara, which i already have but I've almost run out and i didn't want to re purchase it as it was £19.50 so i was stoked with that!

Then i got a Nail Lacquer from Soigne in a full size and it came in the cutest packaging ever! I got it in a really nice fuchsia colour and i love it. They do retail at £11 each.

Then there was a sample of Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning bath & shower oil retailing at £39! Which is insane for an oil! I tried this out and i have to say i hated the smell! i+It had pink grapefruit, rosemary and juniper and i just really didn't like it at all, so that was the flop of the box.

Then the Philip Kingsley One more day dry shampoo sample i got  i used up in a week! I am obsessed with this and when pay day comes i am totally buying it! It's £13.50 which is expensive for a dry shampoo but it's really lightweight and it doesn't leave that gross white cast that batiste does in my dark roots!

Then i got a sample of the Liz Earle Cleanse and polish with a mini muslin cloth which was so cute! And i was literally telling my mum i wanted it the day before and i got it! Insane!
I use this when I'm breaking out and it's awesome! Definite repurchase!
Full size is from £13.25.

So May was a Success! On to June...

June's box was back to a plain boring brown box but the box that it came in was bright pink so i forgave them! 

So June's box was associated with the World Cup which i suppose was a cool concept as we got things from different countries but football is lost on me! 

So as you can see i got the Original Beauty Blender!!!! When i opened my box nothing could make this box bad after seeing that! I was so happy! I've used cheap ones and they just don't compare. A full size is from £16.

I then got a mini sample of a limited edition world cup Brazilian OPI nail polish. I got the shade 'Kiss me I'm Brazillian' from the OPI Brazil Collection. I've used this twice and i love the colour! So bold!
The set is £14.50. 

I then got a good sized sample of the Korres Citrus Body Milk which I'm excited to try as i love to moisturise. Full size is £9.50.

I got a product from Caudalie and it is the Vinoperfect SPF15 Day perfecting fluid. I was really excited to try this out but when i tried to squeeze it out barley any product came out so i was really bummed as i couldn't even try it out to see if i liked it. It says it smooths lines, corrects skin tone and all sorts of magic! So I'm gutted about that. Full size is £38 and sadly i wont be buying it.

Then I got the Silk & Honey Shea Butter Hair Conditioning mask in like an awesome sized sample! I can try this like 4-5 times to see if i like it which i will do as it retails for £50! So it will be interesting to see what this does to my hair for 50 quid!

And then my little extra was a green and yellow Birchbox flip flop key ring which i gave to my brother as i don't really understand football! Such a girl i know!

So i hope you enjoyed this post! If you'd like me to write about my monthly box then comment down below to let me know and also feel free to recommend any other subscription boxes you think are awesome! 

Until next time...

Ezzie xox

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

"I felt like I'd had a chemical peel" Clearasil's Rapid ActionTreatment Cream Review!

Hey Guys!

So i know not long ago i did a post on my current skin care routine, but i just needed to update y'all on something. 
I recently had the most intense reaction to the Clearasil rapid action treatment cream and i kid you not i felt like my skin was coming off! 
I was in so much pain! I don't know what it was but there is clearly something in this stuff that burns like hell! 

I always thought it had a funny smell to it when i used it and when i wrote my post i wasn't really raving about it as i was still trying it out but Oh my goodness! If you have sensitive skin or just skin in general i would definitely never recommend this product! 

Within 10 minutes my naturally red skin went bright red like a tomato! I felt like I'd had a chemical peel... my skin looked like it was coming off, it itched, burnt... everything you can think of in a reaction it did! 

I just found it so infuriating that something that claims to help calm your skin did the exact opposite! 

I don't like being negative but i think its important to be honest as not every product is all sunshine and rainbows!

Until next time... 

Ezzie xox

Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Makeup Storage 2014!

Hey guys!

So i know I've been gone for almost 2 months and all i can do really is apologise! I've been so busy with my new job that by the time i get home I'm too exhausted to write anything, but i want to get back into it because my blog is almost a year old! Crazy!

Anyway down to the good stuff!

So for ages i've been wanting to re-organise my makeup storage and at first i bought some clear acrylic drawers from Rymans just to hold my ever growing crap into. But i really wanted a desk where i could sit every morning and apply my makeup.

So in April, with my first pay check i bought a set of the Alex five drawers from Ikea, which everyone and their mother has! I got a table top to go on top of it to pull it all together and then i got 2 table legs, just for now. I figured that if my makeup collection grew or if i moved house i could alter this in any way i wanted and i wasn't stuck with one design. That's the great thing about Ikea! Plus it's affordable. The whole thing cost me around £85! Which is awesome for quality furniture that you know will last you ages!

The awesome thing about these table tops is that they're like £7! So if i scratch it up or it discolours i can just bang a new one on top and it's brand new again!

Then i needed holder's for makeup brushes so i just bought some of the cute flower pots they had at Ikea for like 2 quid... I have a long china dish? i think it's a dish.. for all my perfume.. I'm not happy about the way it looks but i can't find one i love yet. Also Ikea and i think that was like a fiver.

Then i just used this glass vase for cotton pads because i go through them like water! I use them daily so i just thought it would be really handy to have them on show and on demand!

I bought a mirror from Pound-stretcher like 5 years ago and it used to be gold but i painted it white. It's okay for now but eventually i want a bigger mirror that lights up! Hollywood style! Boom!

Then I've just got two acrylic holders on the top of my desk with a bit of skin care, Mac fix plus, my beauty blender, foundation and concealer that i don't like lying down and a lip stick holder. The lipstick holder is from ebay and the other one is from Rymans.

The acrylic drawers i have are awesome if you don't want to spend a fortune on the muji drawers. I think they were ranging from around £11-£25.

Then i just put a cheap ikea office chair in white at the desk to tie it all together and it's really comfy and it just works.

It's really a great way of having the setup you want but in an affordable way!

Hope you enjoyed!

And until next time... (hopefully not so long)

Ezzie xox