Sunday, 24 November 2013

E.L.F And USA Haul / Review...

Hey guys!
Firstly i just want to apologise for my absence! I recently started a new job so i haven't found much time to write.
My best friend went to Florida in October and of course i asked her to pick up some makeup tha\t we don't get here in the UK... Little did i know that in 2 weeks time an E.L.F store would open in Cardiff!
So today's post is going to be an E.L.F and USA haul / review. (I have a feeling it's going to be a long one.)
I have wanted to try Covergirl for ages so when my Bestie went to Florida i asked her to get me the Covergirl clump crusher.

I have to say... Covergirl packaging has always reminded me of Max Factor... So imagine how stupid i felt when i found out it is the same thing as the US don't have Max Factor! *Blonde moment*
But anyway... the mascara wand i love as it combs nicely through my lashes and the product seems to be quite good too. I haven't really given most of these products a fair go but i used this for about a week and i really liked it.

Okay so on youtube there is so much hype in the US over wet n wild products, so i wanted to try some out. She got me the wet n wild eyeshadow trio in walking on egg shells.
I love this palette the colours are so nice and smooth. However they are all shimmers so i wouldn't wear all three together but i really do like this product.

I love how the shadows are labelled to show what you use them for. You can't see mine clearly anymore as I've used it a bit but its still pretty cool. The brow bone shade is a gorgeous yellow toned white highlight and it reminds me a bit of Albatross by Nars.
Then the crease shade is a Goldie brown shimmer and the eyelid shade is an almost rose gold shimmer.

She also got me the e.l.f studio makeup remover pen. I was so excited when i saw this as i am one of those people who makes a mistake when it comes to eyeliner or mascara application. So when i read the back of the box and it said: 'removes mistakes without taking your makeup off', you could imagine how excited i would have been to try it. 

Lets say i was... surprised to see how badly this product would actually turn out to be. The nib turned black almost instantly after trying to remove a tiny mark, the makeup didn't just remove it smudged everywhere. I would have looked better with the mistake than with the mess this left my eye in. I was so disappointed but i guess they can't get everything right! The concept is great! But its just poorly executed. 
The actual nib itself is tiny so I have no idea how I would remove other mistakes when the nib attracts so much makeup.

This is just my experience tho, so if you do want to try it out you can buy it on the website.

So obviously when in Rome (or Florida) you ask your friend to get you some of the well known e.l.f brushes!  I asked her for the shadow brush and the blending brush and I mean the price of these over there is insane! I think one of them was like $0.60... That's like what... 45 pence?

I mean yeah they're not amazing quality and they're not super soft but they are extremely good for the price! You honestly can't go wrong. They haven't shed yet and they blend well so I really can't complain. 

She then got me one of the e.l.f all over colour stick blushes in the shade 'pink lemonade.' It is a lovely cranberry colour and I actually love the way it looks and feels on. It is a bit too shimmery but its still nice :)

I'm not thrilled on the packaging for elf's cheaper range… It does look cheap but the product is good. And I'm starting to see that all of there products are shimmery.

She then got me the e.l.f healthy glow bronzing powder in 'sun kissed.' I haven't used this yet I've only swatched it. It's quite shimmery so I think I will probably use it for a glow of colour.

                                                        buy here

She also got me the e.l.f blush in 'coy'. I like how this comes with a little brush which is handy to travel with but I wouldn't use it normally. It actually isn't a blush at all in my eyes. It looks the same as the bronzer except when you wear it, it looks more like a highlight so that's what I use it as. 
I have a swatch of them but the 'blush' isn't very clear on camera.

The swatch on the left is the bronzer and the swatch on the left is the highlight/blush.

I also got 2 wet n wild lip sticks in similar shades and similar names but one is a shimmer and the other is matte. I again don't like the packaging of these lipsticks. I think they look cheap which is a shame as the product is lovely.
This lipstick is called 'Sunset peach' and it's a shimmer lipstick.

This one is the matte one and it is in the shade 'just peachy.' I haven't worn this one yet but I can't wait to try it out.

She also got me the e.l.f plumping lip glaze which I haven't tried yet but again can't wait to see if it works. All of the wet n wild and e.l.f lip products smell like peppermint. I hate peppermint so that puts me off them! ha ha.

This lip glaze is in the shade 'fuschia fanatic' and it is like a red pinkie colour.
The gloss is clear with silver shimmer. 

Okay so 'just peachy' is the first shade on the left, it's a lovely matte peachy coral colour. The second one in is 'sunset peach' which is a more red toned peach with a shimmer.' And the 4th shade in is 'fuschia fanatic.'

The 3rd swatch in is actually from the new Cardiff e.l.f store from the e.l.f studio range. It is the glossy gloss in the shade 'ballet slippers' and it is a gorgeous nude. I love this lip gloss so much. I have used it everyday since the day I got it (last Thursday). It is a bit sticky so it lasts a while but not so it sticks your lips together. It has a lovely applicator so it goes on evenly and I love the packaging of the e.l.f studio range. It looks like a cheaper version of Nars. But anythings better than the cheap white packaging.

The only bad thing about this product is that it's so small! I just want more! But it was £3.75 so I really want to go back and try more shades.

My friend then recommended that I try the mineral eyes shadow primer so I picked it up. To be honest I wasn't expecting a lot from this but it's actually really good for the price.

I have used this a few times and I am impressed! As you can see from the swatches on my hand, the difference is quite significant. The one on the left is the one with the primer underneath it. Bearing in mind I used an urban decay eyeshadow to use as an example, it is really very good for £3.75.

Then last of all I picked up the e.l.f studio eyebrow treat and tame in dark. I've been wanting to try an eyebrow gel for a while now. 

The eyebrow spooly is small and quite thick and it looks like it has fibres in it which will obviously add some volume. The colour is actually a dark brown and i think it appears quite light. I would of preferred a darker shade but this was the darkest they did. I sort of feel like its just too pale for me and doesn't really make any difference as i have black eyebrows.

The other end is the tame end and it's just a clear brow gel with a lip gloss applicator end which i don't like as i feel that with eyebrows you want to brush them if you're taming them.. not gloss over them. So when i use this i just rub my finger over it to make sure the product sets in place.

This was also £3.75 and i think most things in the e.l.f Cardiff store are. The prices online are cheaper and the shades are also quite misleading so just bare that in mind when ordering online.

I hope you enjoyed this haul and my thoughts on the products. If you want to go to the e.l.f store in Cardiff, it's located in Royal Arcade. 

Ezzie xox