Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Small Collective July haul

Hey guys! 

So I know it's been a while since my last bog post but after my favourites I didn't really know what to write about and i hadn't really been shopping or anything... and I didn't see the point in faking it and just blabbing for the sake of it! 

Over this month I have bought a few products in drips and drabs so this post will be a collective haul.

I'm not going to do a July favourites because the products I'm loving haven't really changed this month. I have a few new things that i love but they will be mentioned below.

So as you all know the weather here in Britain has been extremely hot for once! I'm absolutely loving it but wearing makeup in the heat is horrible! It just slides off my face and I sweat too much and it's just gross! 
So I wanted a nice BB cream for light natural coverage on days when its just too hot and i can't really be bothered to apply a full face of makeup. I purchased the Maybelline dream pure BB 8 in 1 BB cream. Now anything that says they do 8 things in 1 usually means they do 8 things half hearted. That's my opinion anyway! 
This BB cream gives a nice light coverage and its extremely creamy and soft. It's quite thick when you put it on but you can blend it out. Over summer I've noticed my skin getting oilier so this one really doesn't last long on my face so i want to try the one for oily skin. I have also got a lot of redness on my skin and i feel that it does the job if i wanted a 'no makeup, makeup look' but i would add powder on top to set it because of my problem areas and maybe a bit of concealer for blemishes and dark circles. But over all it seems to be just okay for me. I got this in the shade light and it was £4.99. Superdrug had a 2 for £10 deal on Maybelline so i picked up the New York super stay 14 hour lipstick. I'm unsure on the shade but i think it was eternal rose. I really like this lipstick. Its a long lasting colour so it's like a lip stain and i know this is weird but i like the way it feels dry on my lips.. not like a lipstick that's going to bleed or get on your teeth so I'd recommend wearing a gloss with this if you hate dry lipsticks. I don't think it lasts 14 hours tho because i do have to reapply it. Not that i would wear lipstick for 14 hours anyway and this was £6.99.

On my Birthday I went to the benefit counter to spend some birthday money! As I've never owned anything from benefit i thought I'd try something. The woman at the counter recommended the new stay flawless 15 hour primer for me as i have dry skin but because of the current climate every time i use this primer my makeup becomes cakey and separates and i am actually beginning to hate the product. So i decided to try it again when the weather is cooler and give it a second chance. I will do an updated review when i have done so. But it was £24.50 so it's a lot to spend if you think you'll have the same problem as me. I want to try the porefessional primer because i feel like that would be better for me but i just can't afford to right now. While i was there i also purchased the benefits they're real mascara. I have used this mascara maybe 3/4 times because I find it really hard to take off and i don't want to ruin my lashes so i only use this when I'm going somewhere special but it is amazing and you only need a tiny amount and your lashes look so long! But i always build up my mascara so i use about 3/4 coats plus other mascara's if I'm going for a fake lash look. This was on offer in John Lewis at the time and it was £16. I think normally its £19.

Rimmel was 2 for £10 on selected items in boots this weekend so i thought I'd use my points as i needed a new lighter foundation for when i don't fake tan and I've used the lasting finish 25 hour foundation before and i love it. I don't know if it lasts 25 hours but it lasts me all day with only a few touch ups around the mouth and nose areas. It's a thick foundation and it's quite drying on the skin but I'm oily currently so it balances it out a bit. Although it says it's hydrating and a light weight feel.. I'm unsure if it feels that way. I definitely feel like I'm wearing makeup. It was £6.99 but i got it free and it was in the shade 200- light beige.
Then as it was 2 for £10 i bought the Rimmel lash accelerator endless in black. I needed a new every day mascara as i used to use the Rimmel glam eyes flirt and i loved that but my last tube went a bit funky so i decided to try this one as i had heard so many good things about it. I have to say i love this mascara It has a thin wand like the glam eyes and i feel like the brush is better because the brush ends are longer so the comb your lashes better. I only need one coat of this and my lashes look amazing and long. I love most Rimmel mascara's but this one so far is my favourite and It was £7.99.

Every time i go shopping i always look at the Barry M nail polishes. I love the colours but i have to say they take the piss to dry! And when they do they chip. So it's really annoying and a let down for such beautiful shades. They're a great price too but Maybelline's new range are the same price and they dry faster and you don't need as many coats. I feel that a lot of the Barry M nail polishes are quite sheer and you need about 4/5 coats. I picked up the new limited edition nail polish with the zebra top and the neon pink colour. Apparently its shade A. Which is a stupid name because they always have great names. But yeah. It's okay. Lovely colour once built up and dried but could be better. Only £3.99 for the limited edition colours and the gellys.

When i was in Cardiff this weekend i went to the Urban decay counter in debenhams and I let the girl do my eye makeup with the naked basics pallet. I don't own any urban decay products nor have i ever tried them but i thought £20 for a palette so highly praised was worth trying and i have only used it for 2 days but i love it! It's the perfect nude eye pallet. The colours are so so so pigmented and so easy to blend. I just love this and i can't wait to try more urban decay products.

The last three products i got where all skin care i suppose. I picked up the Vaseline spray and go moisturiser as i had seen this on Nicole Guerriero's you tube channel like 6 months ago and have been waiting for it to be realised in the UK ever since. I am really lazy when it comes to moisturising because i just feel sticky and i hate the time it takes to do. This is really easy and dries quickly. It smells great too so i love this and I'm so happy i found it. It was £4.99.
I've been using the St Moritz fake tanning mousse from home bargains for about 2 years now and i just felt like every time i applied it, it wouldn't last long and my legs were white and i just felt like i was becoming immune to the colour and it was bugging me. So I thought I'd try something new so i bought the L'oreal sublime bronzing mousse. It smelt really nice when I applied it... quite perfumey but in the morning i just smelt like any other fake tan and it gave me a headache. It took the same amount of time to dry and to be honest it didn't really last that long. About 2 days tops but I'm getting patchy already so if i had to choose a tan it would be the St Moritz mousse because its £2.99 and this one was £12.99 so for a £10 price difference and it does the same thing I'd rather get the cheaper one! 
I really wanted a new spray deodorant so i thought I'd try the Dove go fresh in grapefruit and lemongrass because i wanted something fresh for summer and I like Dove because i have sensitive skin.  It was £2.79 for the 250 ml on offer in Morrisons.

So that is everything i have purchased this month. I hope you enjoyed this post and i will try to post more frequently! 

Ezzie xox

Thursday, 11 July 2013

June Favourites 2013

Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to be telling you about my favourites over the past month..

Recently I've had really bad skin and i don't know if its the weather or the way i take of makeup or the certain products i use.. so i wanted a skin cleaning regime that i would actually stick to because i spend a lot of money every year on new skin treatments that promise to get rid of spots and dry skin and they actually make it worse or i just cant be bothered to go down stairs and wash my face!
Lazy i know but that's just the honest truth!
So i purchased at the beginning of June the: L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution.
It was £4.99 and i brought it from Superdrug but i know most places sell it. Even Morrison's as I have just picked up my second bottle from there today! I absolutely love this stuff. You just put it on a cotton pad let it soak for a few seconds on your eyes and it removes all your makeup really well. I love this because I can use it on my eyes and it doesn't burn and i don't have to use different products on my skin. I have very dry skin but i get really oily around my nose and t-zone area so this drys out my greasy areas and makes me feel squeaky clean :) It doesn't smell chemical it's got a subtle smell of something but I'm not sure what and it looks like water. It doesn't break me out in spots it just makes everything feel cleaner which i love and i have definitely seen an improvement in my skin.

I change my hair colour alot.. and i mean alot! Lately I've been going between ombre and black and going back and forth and I'm really damaging my hair but I've decided to stick with ombre for the summer as I've been looking very pale lately. So for heat protectant i use the: vo5 heat protect styling spray. I love this product! I'm on my 3rd bottle. It smells absolutely amazing! I'm a sucker for smells! It protects my hair as I curl it at least twice a week and blow dry after washing it. But even if i let my hair dry naturally i just spray it in my hair because it smells so good and it doesn't leave my hair with any build up. Its about £3 and its usually always on offer somewhere.

As I'm on the subject of hair now my ends are blonde and dry and damaged i use the touch of silver shampoo and conditioner. It smells amazing, brightens brassy hair and it leaves it feeling soft :) It's about £1.99 which is a bargain!
The cosmetics I've been loving this last month are firstly Maybelline fit me foundation! It is amazing! it is my holy grail go to foundation! It leaves my skin looking healthy and dewy and glowing which i love as my skin is so dry.. without it looking greasy and oily! It lasts all day and it look just as good when i touch up. I use it with a damp beauty blender or my fingers and it looks lush :) Its not a bad price either it's about £7 or £8 and i would pay that any day for a foundation i love. I have it in two shades as i use it when i wear fake tan and one is 125 for when I'm lighter and the other is 130.
I've only recently started filling in my eyebrows because they are naturally full and big! but lately I've been doing it to just make them look more tidy and tamed so I've been loving the MUA eyebrow pencil in brunette. Its really amazing quality for something so cheap! I got it expecting it to be just okay but if i hated it.. it was only £1 but i ended up loving it and I'm on my second one and i also have a lighter one for when i bleach my eyebrows. It is dual ended and on the one end is the pencil which is so creamy and really pigmented and blend able and the other is a spooly and it combs them into shape really well and blends the pencil perfectly!
I also use the MUA setting spray and it's really good. It's the only setting spray I've used but for £4 its a bargain and it cools me down and keeps my makeup from sliding off my face! which is always good! especially since it looks like were in for a good summer! (touch wood).
I've been loving the maybelline gel eyeliner in black. I only purchased this recently but i love it. It doest rub off, it lasts all day and it doesn't smudge into my crease. Its easy to apply and i think it was around £8.
My favourite mascara is the Rimmel London Glam eyes lash flirt mascara. I heard really bad things about this mascara and i have to say i love it! it makes my lashes really long and separated, it doesn't clump and i can use it on my bottom lashes! I love it :)

My go to concealer is the collection 2000 lasting perfection that everyone owns! so i wont post a picture of that but if you don't have it buy it! it's about £4.19 or something and its amazing. Currently testing new concealers to see if anything comes close to it.

I don't own many lip colours as I've always been afraid of it leaking or the maintenance of re applying it so i would only use lip stick or gloss on a night out.. but recently I've being trying to build my makeup collection and i have two lip products that i love and they are the L'Oréal lip Caresse in #01 and the Revlon lip butter in cotton candy and they are both very similar.. I didn't realise this until i got home but i have nearly used up my loreal one so it was nice to give it a break. I love them both they are a very sheer pale glittery pink colour and they are both extremely moisturising. They are around the same price too about £7 or £8 and the packaging i love too :)

I am still on the look out for a great face powder, bronzer, blusher and primer so if anyone knows of any let me know and i will try them out :)
Ezzie xox

Friday, 5 July 2013

Birthday Haul (part 2)

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a few days I've been meaning to get this post up... Not that I have many readers! ha ha!

So as I already mentioned I just turned 22! Needless to say I was quite spoilt :) as usual ;)
I received a gift voucher for new look.. and as that is my favourite store I literally had to get up on that and buy something!

I absolutely adore these shoes! They are the most comfiest heels I have ever owned.. quite a seventies feel and I love the heel they have specks of gold in the cork. They were £24.99 from New look!

The next present I got was from my brother.. I have a large family so I have a lot of brothers but this present was from my 'blood brother' ha ha!
This bag is the most amazing bag ever! It's so much brighter orange in real life! its so big and there are 3 compartments which i love. Its navy inside and the only thing I wish this bag had was like a zip or a button to fasten the top because i feel like my possessions are on show! ha ha! I love it though! It was £45 from River Island..

Ok, so this picture is stuff I purchased with birthday money and presents from my mum and little brother..
I moved back in with my mum in November after a breakup, I had a fully furnished flat and the only thing I moved back in with was my makeup, clothes, a hoover and 2 TVs.. so I had to buy all new furniture for my bedroom and move into my little brother's old bedroom which was GREEN with dinosaurs all over it.. that sure was fun to paint on a deadline! Anyway.. I gave my mum my small TV and i kept my bigger one but my bigger one doesn't have a DVD player or free view box so i asked for a DVD player.. I'm not just one of those people who recently discovered technology! ha ha!
I'm not sure how much it was.. I can imagine around £20/£30 and i think it was from Asda.

Then i asked for pitch perfect on DVD.. Literally the best film this year! I love fat Amy. That was £9.99 from anywhere.

I asked for makeup brushes too.. My mum got me the three brushes the pink and 2 orange ones. I think they were £10 from Asda and they are USC or something like that.. I do like them but they are a bit rough on my face and I have sensitive skin.

I bought the real techniques stippling brush from boots and that was £11.99. I love this brush, it's really soft and applies makeup really well. I also bought Maybeline gel eyeliner from boots. That was either £7.99 or £8.99 and I love it! I find that the felt liners always leave a smudge of black on my crease if I'm not wearing eye shadow and I hate it but this is easy to apply, comes with a nice brush, doesn't smudge and stays on all day, so I love this product. Then because boots had an offer on it was like buy one get one half price I brought the Revlon lip butter in Strawberry shortcake. I love this lip butter it's just so moisturising for the lips and it lasts quite long on me. I love all of Revlon's products I need to invest more in them! I think this was also around £8.99 but half price :)  I also got a nail varnish from Rimmel.. Tangerine dream at £2.99  and one of the boots own brand body sprays in apple and lime at £1.00

I then purchased my first ever eye Shadow palette from eBay.. I didn't want to spend much so i think it was £5.98 off eBay and I have to say it's really pigmented and build able. Doesn't react with my eyes, isn't a mess and It lasts all day which is brilliant :)

That is everything I got for my birthday besides money. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did please make sure to like or leave feedback. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like me to write about then feel free to leave me a comment!

Ezzie xox

Monday, 1 July 2013

Birthday Haul (part 1)

So Saturday I turned 22, and I've been slowly growing my makeup collection so I will show you the things I got, my first impressions and I hope you enjoy :)

Firstly I received a Jimmy Choo perfume and Makeup that I liked but didn't love so I exchanged it for the things I really wanted to try.
1. Flash by Jimmy Choo. It is the nicest perfume I own, I love the packaging! My friend always says I'm like a magpie! I suppose I am attracted to shiny things! The bottle is pale blue and its just adorable. I love the scent.. It's so sweet and yummy! I can't explain how it smells on a computer but if you ask for a sample then you'll know what I mean! It was from Boots £46.00 and It's a 60ml bottle.

2. Lady Gaga fame. This perfume is just Lush! It's box is a little dull for my liking but I like glitter and sparkle so I think its hard to compete with Jimmy on the box! However I think the bottle is so much better than Jimmy Choo.. Its like a golden claw holding this black fluid.. It reminds me of a Faberge egg! And if the fluid wasn't black.. It would be pretty boring. The fluid come out almost grey and dissolves immediately so it doesn't dye your skin black! I love the smell of this. Very different to Jimmy Choo but amazing all the same! Love them both! This one was from Superdrug. £27.00 as it was on offer last week reduced from £54.00 and it's 100ml bottle.

3. Maybeline's dream satin liquid. My first impression when I opened my present was instantly "I'm going to hate it" but only because the dream matte mousse is horrible on my skin.. I have quite dry skin but the mousse would make it shinny and greasy and slide right off if I put powder on afterwards. But I was wrong. This foundation is lovely. I've warn it twice so far and I have to say I'm loving it. It's light weight, it blends well, it stayed put all day and it doesn't make me look greasy. So thumbs up for that one! And i think this was £8.99 from Superdrug.

4. Loreal's Lumi Magique Primer. I'm really struggling to find a primer my skin gets on with. I have dry skin but i also suffer with really red skin and I get spots if i use greasy products or wear too much makeup so I try to not stick tons of crap all over it. This primer is lovely for my skin, It's moisturising, dewy and has a nice shimmer if you wanted to highlight. However I've only used it once so I will write a further opinion when I've used it more. I thought it was a cheaper dupe for 'that gal' by benefit. So if you didn't want to spend £25 on a primer this one is £9.99 and i bought it from Superdrug.

5. BarryM Magic lipstick- green to pink. I bought this just because I thought it was truly amazing and I loved that it was different. I tried this on in Superdrug at least 3 times before I could justify buying it, but then I had left over credit from my exchange so I thought why not? It is a gorgeous colour that adapts to your natural PH balance and it suits your skin tone perfectly. I love it a lot and I wore it out on my birthday. I went for a meal and it stained my lips so it looked like i still had it on which was amazing! I'm really starting to love lip stains because i cant be bothered to re-apply my lip stick sometimes! This was around £4.99 i think and again from Superdrug.

I hope you enjoyed this post and this is only part one as I got a lot more stuff for my birthday!

Ezzie xox

My first blog post! (about me)

Where to start?... Well I suppose I should tell you about myself.
My name is Erin, I am 22 years old and I live in sunny Wales!
I have been obsessed with makeup since I could apply it! So about ten years! God.. now I feel old!!
I've recently really been into youtube videos and all the beauty vloggers/guru's i follow on there are amazing and beautiful and confident!
I will be talking about all my favourite products that I have used and I will be giving my honest opinion on them so I'm sorry if i offend anyone with my thoughts but i don't mean to! :)

I've been stuck in a rut lately.. About 2 years ago I dropped out of University.. I was studying Spanish and Italian but i wasn't happy.. I was home sick and to be honest I just wanted to earn money and got sick of being skint!
I worked part time in Morrisons and moved in with my boyfriend, I needed more money so I took a full time job at my mums bakery where I learnt a lot! I'm a terrible cook! I burn everything so to go from that to a baker/cake decorator.. It was quite amazing and i felt proud of myself and I loved my job.. Unfortunately the shop closed about 2 months ago and I've been feeling depressed ever since.. It's not easy to find a job now! So I'm thinking about just following my passion and applying to beauty school :)
So here it is my first blog post.. I'm sorry for rambling.. I just had no idea how to start this and I'm sorry if its badly written.. I'm sure I'll get better with time!

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs :)

Ezzie xox