Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3!!!

Hey guys! 

So I finally managed to get my hands on Urban Decays Naked 3 palette.
I have been wanting this for months and months and its either always been sold out or i didn't have the money at the time... But now i own one of these bad boys and let me tell you it didn't take me long at all to take it out of the box and stare at it and touch it! 

I already love this palette so so so so much! The shades compliment my eyes and skin tone so well and i really do think that this would make anyones skin tone look good. I have a few friends who didn't want to try it because it's 'pink'. Which i get, because no one wants to look like they've been punched in the face or are suffering from a nasty infection. However, i can guarantee that it wont! 

The shades that are pink are either slightly muted baby pinks, rose golds and dusky pinks. Limit, Darkside  and Nooner are my favourite shades as they blend out so lovely and make a gorgeous smokey effect. I also love Buzz, Strange and Blackheart. 

All 12 of these shades are completely new and never seen before by Urban Decay which made me want the palette even more. They're all equally gorgeous and have their individual greatness about them. The shades from the lightest to the darkest are : Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.

There are 3 matt shades and the others have shimmer or glitter in them. There is one shade however that i am really disappointed with as it looks gorgeous in its pan and that is Dust. It literally is what it says it is. It has unbelievable fall out and not much pigment. I did hear that if you scratched the top coat off that it's easier to work with so i will try that. The palette also comes with it's signature shadow and blending brush and a pack of primer potion samples.

Overall I love this palette and i know it's going to be a long time favourite for me.

What are your thoughts on this palette?

Ezzie xox

Monday, 3 February 2014

January Favourites!

Hello my lovelys!

I can not believe it is February already! Time goes way to fast....
So today's post is going to be my January favourites.

For Christmas i got the NARS Sheer glow foundation and i have been using this everyday since! I love this foundation so much and i think i really need to calm down on the usage as it costs £31 a bottle!
The lightest application makes my skin look healthy and the redness disappears. It is has buildable coverage to medium but it's not great at concealing blemishes and dark circles so I'll always use a concealer on top for a flawless coverage. I would say the lasting time is about 6-8 hours depending on the thickness. I'm not really sure it 'glows' but it has a bit of dewiness throughout the day .I'm matched in the shade Mont Blanc and i feel like it's a tad dark as I'm so pale right now. I've also been breaking out a lot lately around my chin so I'm planning on using something else for a while to see if it's the foundation.. I really hope its not because it's my favourite foundation ever!

I picked up these two mascara's before Christmas at TK Maxx and i absolutely adore them! I use the L'oreal telescopic explosion first to add volume to my lashes and i then go over it with the L'oreal telescopic clear and this gets clumps out, lengthens and separates. Together these are the BOMB! my lashes look full and long and they were £3.99 each instead of  £10.99 each! i'm pretty sure you can find them on Amazon or ebay for around the price i got them.

As i recently did a post on the Collection 2000 extreme 24hr felt liner you'll already know that i adore this! So easy to apply, so quick, so black and lasts really long! Can't go wrong for £2.99.

I got this paint pot by MAC in Utterly Becoming for Christmas in the limited edition gift set and i love this a lot. It's a great base for eye shadows as it blurs out veins and imperfections making sure that your eyeshadow is true to colour and lasts all day long. I'll even wear this on days when i don't want to wear eyeshadow because when i apply my eyeliner it doesn't transfer anywhere on my lid. Which is my pet peeve! It's a shame it's no longer available as I'll really have to make this one last but I've used it non stop so far and I've barley made a dent so i think it will last me a while anyway. 

Again as i recently did a post on how much i love Snob by MAC, it probably comes as no surprise to you! I just love the colour on me. It's a great shade of pink that is light enough for everyday to make you look put together and it's simple enough to finish off a night time smokey look without having too much going on!

And finally I've been loving this Wet N Wild eyeshadow trio in walking on egg shells. This look I've been wearing everyday almost. The lid colour is a gorgeous shimmery pink which just brightens up your eyes, the crease colour is a shimmery brown but when you blend it, it looks matte. It's the perfect crease colour as it pulls the eye look together and creates a lot of dimension and the highlight is a beautiful white/ silver shimmer and really compliments my skin tone. My friend got me this from Florida but 'm sure you can find it online.

I really made an effort to try new things this month as last year everything was very samey! 
So i will make a conscious effort to do the same in February!

What is your favourite product of the month?
Ezzie xox