Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Current Skincare Regime.

Hey guys!
So today's post is going to be about my current skin care regime or what is currently working for me when i have a bad face day! 
I suffer quite badly with rosacea and at least twice a month i get a bad flare up when my skin is sore, red and spotty so i try to take care of it and manage it in any way i can find that works for me.

I never used to bother taking off my makeup and i would always just use a baby wipe. Now i try to take good care of it and protect it from damage.

I am currently using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove my face and eye makeup. I used to use the L'oreal version but i found that it just didn't last me all that long as you use quite a bit of product during a cleanse. So when i saw this one i thought i might as well give it a go as it was the same price but you get a lot more for your money. So far I'm not even half way through the bottle and I've used it every morning and night for around 3 weeks now. Usually I'd be on my second bottle of the L'oreal by that point. I don't really see a difference in them and i think it works just as well. I use this in the night to take off my makeup and then once in the morning to remove any residue that may still be on my face.

After I've removed my makeup i will then use the Mask of Magnaminty by Lush if I'm having a bad skin week. I tend to use this 2 times a month as i find it really settles down my skin and removes all of the crap! However, when i first got this i used it 2 or 3 times a week and i found it broke me out more. I think i must react to the peppermint after a while. But if i use it when i need to it's great. You can feel it tingling and attacking the areas as soon as you put it on and i love how fresh it makes your skin feel. The only bad thing about this is when you remove it, it's so gritty and leaves a not so pleasant mess in the sink! I have the 125g pot and i think that was around £5.

So if i don't need a face mask I'll go straight to the Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream as this has the same effect as the mask but it doesn't break me out. *touch wood!*
I literally use a pea sized amount and i put this on the effected areas, or if i feel like a spot is appearing. I use this morning and before bed so that when i wake up the spot has usually decreased in size. The downside to this product is that it can't get rid of the redness or the spot mark. It says it can but it doesn't. I think this was about £6.99 which i found quite pricey. I don't know if i love it enough to repurchase it yet but it works for me at the moment.

After my spot treatment i use my under eye cream. I am currently using the Benefit It's Potent! eye cream that i got as a sample when i bought the Porefessional Primer. I actually love this stuff and i think that when I've finished it i will buy it as i do see that it blurs out my bags and smooths out the appearance of dark circles. I only use a tiny amount of this as it goes a long way and you don't want to put too much product on a thin layer of skin as it wont absorb it.

Depending on the time of day i will then use the N07 Protect & Perfect day or night cream. I got this for Christmas again in a sample size. I've used them both pretty much everyday and i haven't run out yet. I only use a pea sized amount and then rub it all in to my skin. I have such dry skin anyway but because of the Rosacea it makes it more dry around the red areas. Also with the cold weather my skin starts to feel chapped and flaky. I never used to moisturise before bed or in the morning but now i can't not! It's so important.

Now the last product i use can annoy certain people! I know for a fact I've upset the lady at Clinique because she didn't agree that i should be using Sudocrem on my face! Well who knows there skin better than anyone? You! So if something works for you why would you stop?
Sudocrem is my life saver! It even says it can be used on Acne. I put this on a bad break out before bed, i wake up 8 hours later and BAM! There is hardly a trace of a breakout.

No matter what anyone says to me i will continue to use this because i love it and it makes my skin feel at least half descent!

So that is basically all i do when I'm going to bed or if I'm flaring up with acne or rosacea. It may not work for everyone but it does for me... currently anyway!

What's your saviour products?

Ezzie xox

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR Review.

Hello there my lovelys!

Well i know i haven't posted daily yet but i said i would try! ;)
So today i wanted to do a sort of review slash my daily eye look...
I bought the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold about 6 months ago... maybe even longer than that and I've used it a few times but just didn't really know what to wear it with or how to wear it as most of my eye looks tend to be more neutral browns than pinks. That was until the Naked 3 came out and changed the game for me!

I wear this colour tattoo as an eyeshadow base or primer when I'm using the Naked 3 palette as it matches a few of the shades perfectly and it really helps the shadows last longer and stand out more. 

The base is a creamy consistency when you apply it and it has quite good pigmentation for such a light shade.  It dry's in about ten seconds and when it does it doesn't budge which is awesome!! 
The lasting power i would say is a good 10 hours maybe longer but i don't tend to wear my makeup longer than that. I just know that when i go to take my makeup off it's still there. It doesn't go patchy on me and it just looks lovely on the eyes. My eyes are brown so when i use it the gold flex bring out the gold tones in my eyes which i love! I would even wear this on it's own without the naked 3 on top and just blend a warm brown into the crease to make it warmer.

The Colour Tattoo's are very affordable and wont break the bank! They're about £4.99 in most places and I think they're comparable to the MAC Paint Pots but no where near the steep price tag! 

As it's spring I've decided to ditch the thick winged liner and I've just stuck to very fresh eye looks that make my eyes appear bigger and brighter. If i do wear eye liner i only line my water line and it's usually in brown as it looks softer and not so harsh or I'll smoke out brown liner on my lash line for a night look. 

The Naked 3 compliments this base so much that when you use any of the darker shades in the crease for some depth, it just looks really put together and like you tried hard when actually it took about a minute or two! Don't worry if you can't afford the Naked 3 tho! You don't need high end products to get the same effect. You can totally re create this with either the colour tattoo and any brown eyeshadow or you can mix your eye shadows to make a rose gold by using a pink and a gold together with a light brown. 

This simple eye look also makes your lashes stand out a lot as you're eyes look more awake and the attention is being brought to them. 
For a complete makeup look i use Rockateur boxed blush by benefit to carry on the rose gold theme and either a nude gloss or a colour close to my natural lip colour. 
Spring makeup is all about looking fresh and natural and i think the over done looks are just best saved for clubbing or darker seasons.

I hope you guys enjoyed! 

What are your favourite looks for spring?
Ezzie xox

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Life Update.

Hi guys,

So i haven't really been having the best of times lately. I'm still unemployed and that is totally getting me down and I'm just feeling like nothing is going right or i cant move forward with my life as everything requires money. So i can't learn to drive, i can't move out and i can't have a social life or buy myself things. It's just quite depressing. So I'm trying my best to find a job and I'm getting the odd interview here and there but it's just not happening.

I feel like i neglect my blog a lot so i thought i would try my absolute best to do a daily blog. I need to take my mind of the bad things and try and stay positive. 

I'm not sure what things you guys want to read so i am completely open to suggestions. I also think that my blog will be more like a lifestyle, beauty, fashion and hair blog now as then i have more range to talk about and also so i don't get writers block. It should keep me doing the daily blog! (I hope)...

So i suppose this post is like a life update. I am currently in slimming world as I'm unhappy with the way i look so I'm trying it this way instead of fad diets and diet pills. I've already lost half a stone in 4 weeks so I'm feeling more positive. 

I joined the gym today as it was free for 2 months so until i can get money i don't have to worry about an extra expense and it should help me shift the weight as i really want to lose 5 stone!

I'm also looking for a new hair cut. My hair is just awful. I've been trying to grow it out for about 4 years now and it's just in a really drab and dull stage. So i either want to chop it off or re style but can't decide what look to go for. I also want to go blonde. As soon as the sun comes out i feel myself reaching for the bleach! I can't help it. I've always been dark and always wanted to be blonde but every time i try i give up!

I've just finished my beauty course so I'm finding i have more time on my hands and it's just very tedious doing the same thing everyday.

So i hope this post didn't put anyone in a down mood... I just feel like sometimes i have to rant and let people know how I'm feeling even if no one is listening.

Write your thoughts on future posts!

Ezzie xox

Sunday, 9 March 2014

February Favourites

Hello my lovelys!

Today's post is going to be my February favourites as im sure you can guess from the title!

So as i said in last months favourites i'd been loving the Nars sheer glow foundation but i'd been using it too much and i didn't want to waste it on everyday use. I was reccomended to try out the Revlon Colour stay foundation. So i did.

This foundation is very comparable to the Nars sheer glow foundation as it gives the same finish, it lasts all day and it's full coverage. Now this one is thicker than Nars but when i use a beauty blender with it, it goes on like a dream! It covers up all my redness and blemishes and it has great lasting power. I'm in the shade Buff and it's a great match, however it does have a slight yellow undertone to it and my skin has pink undertones. It's quite pricey at £12.99 but I am happy to repurchase it as it works so well on my skin!
I did buy the one for oily skin by accident and i noticed a lot of the foundation started to cling on my dry areas so i make sure i cleanse, tone, moisturise and prime well before using it and then it's great. But next time i will be picking up the right one! Really like this product!

For Valentines day i got the Naked 3 pallette and i have used it everyday since! I in LOVE  with this pallette and it works so well on my skin tone and eye colour. I was woried about it being pink but it's amazing and each colour seems to adapt to your tones. I've already done a post on my thoughts about the Naked 3 so i wont ramble on! But it's the perfect palette for spring in my opinion!

Now that spring is coming i'm no longer feeling the heavy black thick winged liner and im going for a more subtle smokey look. So for this effect i've just been lining my lash line with the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smokey pencil in either black or brown depending on the eyeshadow used and then smudging it out to make the lashes appear thicker and to make the eyes look softer. 

I've found myself reaching for my Benefit Rockateur blush recently as it gives a healthy glowing look and it's a gorgeous rose gold blush that compliments the Naked 3 palette well. I love the smell of it too!

I've also started loving glossy lips and put away the lipsticks and just stuck to the gloss as i feel like it makes any look more fresh and not so heavy.
I want to start toning down my makeup looks so i've been trying different techniques.

There is one brush i've been adoring this month and that's the real techniques blush brush. I really like this brush for bronzer to warm up the face and for blush as i feel like they go on so much smoother without scratching my foundation off.

I've obviously still been loving previous favourites like my Sleek contour kit and Maybelline age rewind concealer but I'm trying to use different things each month so it's not monotonous!

Hope you enjoyed! 

What are your favourite products?

Ezzie xox