Thursday, 8 January 2015

Urban Decay, Naked On The Run.

Hey guys,
So for Christmas I asked for the Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette off my mum and step dad. I have an issue when it comes to new or limited edition things that come out. If I see someone with it I NEED it! Or so I like to tell myself!
The packaging I have a love hate relationship with. It's rose gold plastic with what I think looks like camouflage print? In some lights it looks green and I don't like that. But I love it when it looks pink and red! 
The mirror is huge as are most urban decay mirrors. Think Vice palette but smaller! The price is £37 like most of their palettes.

The reason I wanted to get the palette was because it came with the urban decay Perversion mascara, (which I haven't tried yet as I have too many open!) A 24/7 glide on eyeliner pencil in Stag, which is a basic dark brown shade. Its very creamy. So far I like it.
And then it comes with a Naked lip gloss in the shade Sesso? Strange name... but it's a very natural browny pink shade. It has fine gold glitter in and it kind of look like your natural lip colour when on. I've worn it twice and it kind of stung my lips in a plumping way so I'm not sure if I love it yet!
So this palette claims that it has 'Six never before seen shades of eye shadow'. I always like getting Urban Decay palettes that have different eye shadows in them, as it gets a bit repetitive otherwise.

The "sixth" eye shadow is also the highlight so it's bigger than the rest but I don't really count it as an eye shadow as its next to the blusher and bronzer in the palette. I actually thought that was a bit of a piss take to try and claim it to be the "sixth" 'never before seen shade of eye shadow'... but never mind. So For arguments sake lets say that there are only 5 eye shadows! There are 2 Matte shades and 3 Metallic.

The shades are Dive- A metallic rose gold shimmer (My Fave), Fix- soft matte brown/taupe, Resist- A metallic taupe shimmer, Dare - A medium brown matte and Stun - A bronze gold shimmer (2nd Fave).  They're all extremely buttery soft and all blend well with great pigmentation.
Next in the palette there is a Bronzer which is a decent size and a very light shade. It definitely gives a more natural glow than a hard contour!
The blush on the other hand is extremely pigmented and its almost like a very Barbie pink. I find it to be quite chalky and I didn't think it blended well but that was just my first impression.
I found that the highlight shade 5050, didn't have much colour pay off at all.  I couldn't really tell if I'd put any on.. So that was a bit of a flop!
 So basically this palette has things I essentially hate and love, so it's really hit and miss. I'm obviously glad I have it as a makeup hoarder! But I'm not sure I'd buy it, if it wasn't a present!
If you did want to buy it then here is the link! Naked On The Run.
Any ideas for things you'd like me to do then comment below.
Hope you enjoyed!
Ezzie xox