Tuesday, 31 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas 2013!

Hey guys!

So today i thought I'd show you what i got for Christmas. Just a disclaimer in no way am i bragging and i am extremely grateful for everything i received. :)
First of all i woke up at 3.45am Christmas morning and woke up my siblings and parents to open the presents from Santa!

After i opened my stocking fillers i then went on to my main gift from my parents and i was so happy to find the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. I gave my mum a selection of 3 to choose from as I'm a big kid and love surprises. I really wanted this one as it was limited edition until Christmas.

I love how every eye Shadow is different yet equally stunning! I love everything about this palette but I'm not going to go into detail because i want to do a separate post on it.

Then i went to my friends house for Christmas dinner and a party and we all exchanged gifts.

The first thing i opened was the MAC green cleanser gel and i was really happy with it as i love all things MAC, and I've actually been looking for a new cleanser as my skin is in really bad condition. So I'm trying this out and so far i love it!

 The next present i opened was Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Mont Blanc.. and i knew i was getting this as i needed to be colour matched, but i was happy none the less as I'd been waiting to try it for days.

I'm one of those really sad people who likes items in the original packaging and keeps boxes and perfume bottles even if they're empty.. I'm trying to limit the amount of boxes i keep now so i just take pictures with them in or next to the packaging so i have something pretty to look at! I'm so weird...

Anyway the next thing i got was the M.A.C limited edition stroke of midnight eye kit in nude. Now at first i didn't want this.. In fact i told people i didn't want it but the more i look at it and play with it the more i love it. I love the packaging its so sleek and chic. You get a makeup bag with the monochrome pattern and gold piping, the MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash mascara, the MAC Fluidline in the shade Past Twilight which is like a browny purpley black shade, MAC Pro Long wear Paint Pot in Utterly Becoming and the Double-Ended 209 Eye Liner brush and the 239SE Eye Shader Brush.
 Love love love it! 

Then the next gift i got was the Black Gucci Guilty perfume! I love this perfume so much. It just smells expensive and classy.. it's not like Britney spears perfume.. which i have nothing against as i like it.. but i think at 22 i need to start smelling a bit less like a teenager and more like a woman and this is the one for me. It reminds me of black cherries.. i don't know why. It could be because i have an obsession with anything cherry. I can't explain the smell of it... just amazing!

Then i got the N07 3 for 2 gift sets that boots do every Christmas... Now i don't have many no7 products and i haven't ever wanted to buy them because they're so expensive for a high street brand but i don't mind being given them :)

Firstly i got the N07 brush set... I need new makeup brushes, and not just new ones, good ones. I love the real techniques brushes, so i was going to buy those with Christmas money but now I'll try these out before i do. Individually these brushes are quite pricey so i think i got a pretty good set to be honest as all of them are soft and don't leave stray hairs all over my face when i use them. I think the powder brush is actually a good match for the real techniques powder brush so I'm happy i got that one. Foundation brushes i don't tend to use to apply my foundation as i use the real techniques expert face brush and i love the finish that gives so I'm excited to try this one out. It then comes with a smokey eyeliner brush which i use as a pencil brush for shadow under my lower lash line or to smoke out my eyeliner, the next one is the eyeshadow blend and contour brush which i find is quite similar to the MAC 217 brush and I'm always in need of extra blending brushes. And finally it comes with a lip brush which is not the typical pointed tip style its just straight but i used it today and i like it. All of these brushes come with a little purple N07 case to travel with which is cool :)

Then i got N07 the lips collection and its just a really cute little set that comes with 5 lip glosses that start from a nude/clear glossy shade, then a baby pink shade, a bright pink shade, a coral/ orange shade and a dark/bright pink shade. All of these glosses are glittery/shimmery and they all smell of strawberries which reminds me of being a kid and getting your first makeup! They're not sticky at all which i actually prefer as i don't like getting hair stuck to my lips in this classic British weather we have! 

The 3rd 3 for 2 N07 gift i received was the Beautiful Skin wash set. It comes in this big purple bubble wash bag which has two big dividers inside and i find it so useful and it makes me want to take more care of my skin. Inside you get a purple body wash sponge which is in my bathroom so i don't have a picture of that, a pack of 30 beautiful skin wipes for all skin types. These wipes are actually really good and manage to get off waterproof mascara really easily. Then there's the blissful body wash and the completely quenched body lotion which I'm still yet to try, the protect and perfect day and night cream which i have used every day/night since i got it and the beautiful skin radiance exfoliator.

I've been wanting a hair waver since summer as i feel that my hair is either curly or straight and i thought it would be a nice change  to try something different. I've used this once and at first i was really scared to use it as it isn't the most self explanatory tool! However, it is really easy to use and it does exactly what it says on the box! It gives more of a crimped/braided effect than a wave when it's all done but i love it regardless as it looks like a more effortless style that i just rolled out of bed after braiding my hair. The only thing i would say is if you brush them out they fall out a bit. I've only tried it once so I'll have to practise more and try to get my hair the way i like it.

I had a gift card to spend at MAC to pick out the things i wanted so i went for MAC fix+ which I've wanted for ages and have heard great things about, then i got MAC mineralised skin finish in medium as I've been needing a really good powder and this was recommended to me by the woman who helped me. And finally i got Snob by MAC which is a satin lipstick. I absolutely love how this looks on me! Such a gorgeous colour.

I got so many sweets and chocolates for Christmas as well as an orange in the bottom of my stocking, but these are by far my favourites! As i said earlier I'm obsessed with cherries and these Thornton's chocolates are just amazing... I'm not a fan of Thornton's because its all truffles and i like truffles but not too many if that makes sense. I'm not a massive chocolate fan anyway as anyone who has tried to get me anything for Easter before will know, but these are just heaven!

Then with the Christmas money i received from family and friends i got a few extra bits and bobs. I got the pretty porefect little set from benefit as I've been wanting the Porefessional for about 6 months now. It was the same price as the primer on its own as it was to get this little set and i love trying samples so i thought why not. It was £24.50 and it comes with a mini jar of it's potent eye cream and a mini tube of "that gal" primer and the full size Porefessional. I can't wait to try this :)

I've been wanting a Ted Baker patent leather purse since i got my Ted Baker bag for my birthday like 2 years ago and I've always been put off by the price as its £75 and I'm usually in and out of work so i can't really justify spending that much on a purse... However, yesterday i was on a mission in the sales and i found the only reduced black purse out of about 4 stores that sell them where i live. I ended up getting it from the House of Fraser and it was £75 reduced to £53! Its the Kassady crystal large flap over purse and It comes in this cute little lime green box with a little stamp on which is adorable and the purse itself is just lush! The inside is cream and it has little boxer puppies (i think). Its a really god size for me and it has loads of card holders. Well worth the money... I love it!

As i received quite a few new makeup brushes i didn't really see the point in buying more if i didn't really need them. One brush i did need and want was the Real Techniques Blush Brush. Now this brush is the hardest brush to track down! Literally every time i go to Boots or Superdrug it's out of stock! I was lucky to find it to be honest... i saw another girl gunning for it so i grabbed it quickly ;) I haven't really tested it out yet but its super soft like the other brushes from the collection and i love the shape, it gives you a more precise application.

The final thing I got for Christmas was this gorgeous DKNY handbag from the House Of Frasier! Its the Saffiano large black tote bag for anyone interested. I got this with my Christmas money and I absolutely love this bag.. I wanted something classic and that would go with everything. It came in a dust bag too so that excites me as every time I go to bed I have to put it back in its original packaging.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have a great New year. See you all in 2014 for more beauty posts!

 Ezzie xox

Saturday, 14 December 2013

OPI And China Glaze Bargain Haul!

Hey guys,

So today I went Christmas shopping... Well I tried! I went with every intention of getting presents but ended up getting myself stuff Instead! 
Anyway, I went to the 99p store just to pick up some deodorant and dry shampoo (the essentials in life!) And I came across these magnificent beauty's!!

They had four colours of the OPI shatter lacquers and I got them all! I would be crazy if I didn't as they run for about £11 a pop and I got each one for 99p! 
I love the gold shatter and the silver shatter, and I think the red shatter (or any red) and the gold will go so lovely together and look really festive! 

The names aren't very imaginative they literally are what they say they are on the tin (or this case bottle). Gold, silver, black and red shatter.

They had similar colours in the China Glaze but I didn't see the point in getting those so I managed to find one I loved and that was in the shade 'oxidized aqua,' It's a gorgeous aqua colour with silver flecks of glitter in it and I can't wait to use it! 

So for £4.95 i got 5 "higher end" nail polishes!

Ezzie xox

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Benefit Rockateur First Impressions.

Hey guys!

So todays post is just going to be a quick first impression.

Yesterday I went into Cardiff to start my Christmas shopping, only to find that i had forgotten my purse! Only i would do something so stupid! So with the tiny bit of cash i did have on me i decided to make the most of it and treat myself...

I went into Debenhams to find that they had a 15% off beauty and fragrance sale on so naturally I checked out the benefit counter!

The girl in the store was lovely and really helpful and it was actually a pleasant experience, unlike so many I've had before when the staff are so pushy and rude. 
So I asked her if i could try the Rockateur  boxed blusher as I've heard so many good things about it but never really thought it looked that great.

I don't really know if i like the packaging... I love that its in a small box that comes with a mirror and a handy little travel brush but i don't like the gold snakeskin look, I love the black and pink lace detail though.

I love the Rock motif in the centre of the blush but after one use it's starting to fade away... I hate using new products as i just want to keep them pretty.

It was originally £23.50 but it was 15% off so it was £19.97 and i think this offer is only on until tomorrow.

The blush itself is a lovely rose gold / bronze colour and it has flex of gold shimmer which gives the blush a beautiful warm glow on the cheeks.

I really like this blusher, it sort of has the smell of soap though when you open the box which can be too much but you can't smell it when it's on the skin. It lasts all day and it gives the effect of a warm, bronzed, healthy, glowing complexion. I can't wait to try it out some more!

Ezzie xox