Monday, 30 September 2013

September Favourites

Hi guys!

So today's post is going to be my September favourites. I tried my best to use different products up that I haven't been a fan of just to use them up or to see if I changed my mind and I have on a few!

The foundation that I've been using for the majority of this month is the Rimmel wake me up foundation in 103 true ivory. 
At first I really didn't get on well with this product, as after two attempts of trying to see what all the fuss was about I noticed that it was a very light coverage and it started to separate during the day which I was not thrilled about. 
So I decided to give it a fair chance as most bloggers and Youtubers love this foundation.
I discovered that i really liked it. It is a light weight foundation, with a medium coverage but it is buildable if you wanted more full coverage. It has tiny flecks of glitter in the foundation which gives a lovely natural glow. However I am quite oily so I have to use powder throughout the day. To stay matte around my nose and chin. It doesn't break me out and it feels really fresh and awakening which is good as it says anti fatigue effect on the bottle. It still seperates around my hair line so i do have to touch up places but for a highsteet foundation its not bad at all.
Rimmel Wake me up foundation £8.99| Buy here
Maybelline concealer £7.99| Buy here

My next favourite of the month is the Maybelline eraser eye concealer. After being so hooked on my MAC concealer I decided to give my skin a rest as it is very thick and long lasting. This concealer is one if my favourite high street concealers as it is really light and creamy, it blends nicely, it has great coverage and it makes my under eyes feel really awake and fresh.
It is a sponge applicator which isn't great for hygiene reasons but I love the way it feels under my eyes when I apply it and you have to turn the top so it clicks to get the product out. I love this a lot and I recommend it highly even though I'm only 22 and have no need for anti ageing products yet.

Sleek contour and blush kit £9.99| Buy here
I love my sleek contour, blush and highlight kit. The bronzer is very pigmented and quite dark so it's perfect to create a strong contour. The highlighter is a gorgeous cool, gold shimmer tone and it looks like a natural highlight instead of glitter stuck to your face. I do love the blusher a lot, however, my only problem with the blusher is that it's very shimmery and I prefer more matte blushers as I feel that with the highlight it is too much and the shimmer attracts light to blemishes. It's an excellent bargain for £9.99 and you can get it from superdrug or the online sleek store.

Benefit they're real £19.50| Buy here
I purchased Benefit's they're real! Mascara in June this year for my birthday and I have only used it on special occasions as it's so expensive to use as an everyday mascara. However, I got to the point when I was just not using it at all and i asked myself "why would I pay all that money to just let it sit there and look pretty?" So I made an effort to use it this month. 
I have loved this since I bought it as with only one coat it separates lashes and makes them look so long. It is an amazing mascara and I love it. The only bad thing is that it takes a while to remove but it's also a good thing as it means it will last all day. This mascara is £19.50 and you can buy it from any Benefit counter Benefit online.

My most loved and used high street eye shadow palette is the MUA undress me too palette.
It is a brilliant dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and it is an absolute bargain at £4! 
MUA Undress me too £4| Buy here
I wish that there were more matte shades in the palette but I love it none the less. 
The shades from left to right are: 
Top row: Naked, Devotion, Shy, Fiery, Lavish and Dreamy.
Bottom row: Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal, Wink, Obsessed and Corrupt.
They are very pigmented eyeshadow and they blend well. 
However, they can be quite chalky and leave a bit of fall out but I really don't mind for the price.
Bourjois Paris Color Boost £7.99 Buy here
My favourite lip product of the month is the Bourjois Paris Color Boost lip crayon in the shade 04 peach on the beach.
It is a glossy finish lip stick, and it is extremely moisturising. I love the colour, I love the smell, I love the formula. I just love this a lot. I'm not a massive fan of lip sticks as I hate the smell and the finish but i will definitley be investing into some new lip crayons. It was quite expensive I think at £7.99 but as I love it I think it was worth it.

Finally my last favourite is the MUA pro brow kit. My last blog post was a review on this, so I won't say too much about it and I will leave a link below.

MUA Pro brow kit £3.50| Buy here Review
It is a very handy and cute eyebrow kit, the shadows are very pigmented, the tweezers are good for stray hairs, the brush was awful and I threw that away. The mirror is brilliant as it's a compact and brow kit in one so no need for an extra mirror and the price is amazing at £3.50!

I hope you enjoyed my September favourites! 

Ezzie xox

Friday, 27 September 2013

MUA Pro-Brow Review

Hey guys!

So today I'm going to be reviewing the MUA (makeup academy) pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit.
This eyebrow kit is really inexpensive at an amazing £3.50 and you can buy it at most superdrug stores, online at superdrug Buy here and on the MUA website. Buy here

The packaging is quite sleek and I like that it's black although mine is scratched now! 

To be honest for the price I wasn't really expecting much but I was really surprised.

I have only recently started filling in my brows  because they are very full and don't need much doing to them, but when I did fill them in I usually used the mua eyebrow pencil as for £1 you can't go wrong and it's really amazing. 

I was told that powder is supposed to create a more natural looking effect so I thought I'd give it a go and for £3.50 I was willing to try it.

So when you open it you see the four shades, a set of mini tweezers (so cute!), a mini eyebrow shader brush which is dual ended and a very big mirror which I love! 

The first shade is the one I use as my eyebrows are really dark and it's a very dark brown, the shade on the right is a medium brown and I use this as an eyeshadow crease colour but It would be perfect for blondes. The shade below the dark brown is the lightest shade and I use this as a lid colour and it's quite an orangey brown colour. Then the last shade is a wax for setting the powder.

The tweezers aren't great but they're perfect to carry in the compact so you can pluck a stray if you need to... And I just chucked away the mini brush as it was too flimsy and not very good. I just keep a regular sized one in my makeup bag. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Ezzie xox

Friday, 13 September 2013

How much is my face worth?

Hey guys,

So today I thought I'd do a 'how much is my face worth?'  Post.

I don't wear this look everyday but it is my to to look when I go out as the coverage is full and can be quite heavy if you're just sitting around the house. 

MUA's pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit- £3.50 buy here

Urban Decay naked basics palette -£20 buy here

Benefit stay flawless 15-hour primer-£24.50 buy here

Bourjois Paris color boost in shade 04 peach on the beach - £7.99 buy here

MAC studio sculpt spf15 foundation in NW 20 -£25 buy here

Rimmel stay matte powder -£3.99 buy here

MAC pro long wear concealer in NW 20- £15.50 buy here

Rimmel black eyeliner pencil -£2.99 buy here

Sleek contouring and blush palette -£9.99 buy here

Rimmel lash accelerator endless -£7.99 buy here

I am actually quite surprised how much this came to! Obviously I'm aware I have four high end products here and i expected it to be at least £70...

I definitely feel like this is for sure the makeup I will use on a night out as £121 a day just to sit in the house or go to the shop isn't worth it..In my opinion. 
So for those days it's just high street products!  

Just a short post today but I hope you enjoyed it!

Ezzie xox 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

August Favourites!

Hi everyone!

So today's post is going to be about my august favourites!
I don't really have a lot this month and there are only a few new additions to the last favourites review i made in June.
Anyway.. Lets get started!

First of all the product I've been loving is the Vaseline 'spray and go' moisturiser. This is by far the best moisturiser i have ever used as it is so quick and easy! Literally all you do is spray and rub and you're dry within seconds! I couldn't live without this I've been using it now for about 2 months and I've noticed a change in my skin on the particularly dry areas like around my elbows. It was £4.99 from boots and I love the smell.

Next is of course the L'oreal paris 3 in 1 micellar solution. I have been using this for about 3/4 months and I'm on my 3rd bottle. I have to use it two times a day. Once in the morning before makeup and once at night to remove it. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh and it doesn't break me out. I stopped using it for 3 days last week and replaced it with a Nivea toner and Garnier cleanser and i broke out so much! My face was in pain! So i was glad to welcome this back and won't be trying anything different just yet. It used to be just £4.99 which i was quite iffy about spending but it's worth it to me! But now its usually on offer for around £2.50 ish or its in the 2 for £5 offers in superdrug which makes me more inclined to buy it. I love love love this!

Then my next love is the V05 heat protectant styling spray. Love this stuff so much. Use it all the time, really cheap and smells great!

At the end of July i popped into Home Bargains and i picked up the 'fast and fruity nail varnish remover' as it was only 89p and i wanted something i could keep in my travel makeup bag without all the hassle of a big bottle and cotton pads. This nail varnish remover is absolutely amazing for 89p! It removes the nail polish so fast and it leaves a peachy scent which I'm not obsessed with because i hate peaches but it's bearable for the price! Its basically a cheap dupe for the 'bourjois magic nail varnish remover'. All you do is screw off the lid and pop your finger in the sponge and twirl it around a bit until the varnish has removed and you're done! So good.

Next onto makeup products, I purchased the Benefit stay don't stray 15 hour primer at the end of June and every time I've used it I've hated it. It made my makeup cakey and separate! It really made me angry that i paid so much for a product i couldn't use. However, i gave it a second chance because of the hot weather we had this year i thought no makeup will be the same in heat. So i have used it for the whole of august and i really do like this now. I don't love it but it's the best primer i have. It makes my skin feel primed instead of most silicone based primers that make me feel greasy. Still don't think I'd re purchase it for £24.50 but I'm glad I'm getting my money's worth out of it now.

So this month i discovered the beauty of MAC products. I can't believe I've never tried them before but now i have i wont be going without! I purchased the MAC studio sculpt foundation in NW20. This is the best foundation I've ever used. I love full coverage foundation and this is just incredible coverage and you only need a small amount and it's still build able if you desire more. It was £25 and it's my first high end foundation and i love it so it was well worth the money! The next product from MAC was the MAC pro long wear concealer in NW20. It's so so so amazing! It stays put all day and it doesn't crease! It was £15.50 and they're both waterproof so that's awesome!

I have been wanting an urban decay palette for months and months so when i bought the Urban decay naked basics palette i was so excited! I love this so much. The shadows are so so so pigmented and they aren't chalky or loose so they don't leave powder all over your face when you use them. £20 is a bargain for a product i use every day and can't get enough of. The perfect neutral palette.

I have been on the look out for a good foundation brush for ages so i thought I'd try the real techniques expert face brush. I've heard so many good things about this brush and I have not been disappointed! For only £9.99 this brush is so worth it! I can't say a bad word about it. It's soft, it blends well, doesn't shed, looks nice.. I just love it :)

My favourite Mascara this month is the 'Rimmel lash accelerator endless mascara'. I love all Rimmel mascara's as they are affordable and really really good.

I then picked up 2 new products from Maybelline! I have been waiting for these for so long! The Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Cherry Me'... I love the baby lips so much! I only have one so far but everyone's gone wild for them at my local stores but when i see them i will pick the other 5 up as for £2.99 they are amazing and they smell so good. The colour pay off is slight but so wear able. They keep your lips so soft and hydrated and they just remind me of being little and thinking chap sticks where lip sticks.
I then picked up the Maybelline Fit me shine free foundation stick in the shade 120. I love this for days where i just want a light coverage foundation as it's so light on the skin, it's soft and it keeps you looking natural and shine free. It is a creamy foundation which turns to a powder when you apply it to the skin and it doesn't crumble or flake. It just gives a very flawless appearance to the skin and i think it was about £8.99.

The dork t-shirt is actually not a favourite it's just in the picture. I do love it though! £2 from primark in the sale! BARGAIN.

I hope you enjoyed my post!

Ezzie xox